Don’t you think I won’t know…..

Every memory fades away till it’s gone….. where did you go? She’s a stranger I used to know. We used to be best friends but now I don’t know you anymore. We don’t even say hi

Tear me apart with the distance.

Trying to rembemner back everytime I see you. But the memories are sketchy. Isn’t this love insane. Still I want you to hold my heart even though I know you are the one who tore it into pieces.

You are a toxin I can’t help but ingect.

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Demon king!

Ok the truth is am broken. Well have always been broken, then he mended me. Wish it stayed that way but no he just had to crush me into pixie dust.
But I don’t mind.
He was the Angel to shut out my demons.

And now he’s the demon king himself.

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Battlefield child!

She fell upon the dead bodies strewn accross the battleground, breathing heavily. Only thought in her mind was she wasn’t gonna push forth the babe in her in the midst of scattered organs and battered heads. Striken with labour pains she gripped her sword as she crawled admist the gory sight towards the forest. An enemy soldier drew forth to slay her but the deathly glare she gave him made him pause. Rather he gave her a steady arm to clench on, add together they wobbled to the edge of the forest.

She was losing blood but she sure as hell wasn’t gonna lose the babe. Gritting her teeth, she handed the soldier her Swiss knife and removed the rudely carved armour protecting her swollen belly. With an unspoken word she asked the soldier to slice her open and take the babe. Clamping her teeth down on a piece of wood she shut her eyes as she felt the piercing pain of the knife slitting her open. As she felt the arms of darkness beginning to embrace her she head the most wonderful cry of her child. She whispered “his name is Abungu”

Smiling, she knew he would be properly cared for by the soldier. Her vision had shown her. The forest stood still as she took her last breath.

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Sucicide is an option!

Oh and that suicide is not an option shit trending online…. bullshit…. it is an option you choose to take coz you blinded to see the other option. No I don’t blame them, it’s hard to live in the darkest of abysses and can’t help but be pulled in by the vortex of hopelessness. Try swimmkng with a stone anchored on your feet. It’s downright suffocating. But you wouldn’t get it would you?

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I don’t give a flip

If you died
I wouldn’t cry
I wouldn’t dig a grave
I wouldn’t mourn
I would rather dismember your body with a scalpel
I would throw the pieces at every corners of the world
Just so your spirit roams about lost
Lost as you have always been.
And I wouldn’t give one bit of a flip

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I know its time for goodbye

I won’t say you shouldn’t leave me alone

But please just one more night

I need you for a moment

I most have passed the border

Coz now I see it in your eyes

Your obsession over me is over

You don’t feel anything anymore

You have been my killing addiction

Am a sinner because of your hold

My soul is lost without you

Can’t beleive we are now strangers

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Wet love!

So here is the wierd thing; I really love getting all wet. Ofcourse I mean water wet. I am so in love with the rains. Dancing in the rains may sound cliche but I rather prefer just standing under the heavenly pours.

Seriously don’t you just love the smell of wet soil? Or the smell of freshness coming from wet grass? The moistness you could just taste in the air? The slight chill of the cool breeze snaking up your back? Sunny and cloudy views?

Talk about the artistic water puddles everywhere. Oh and when it falls at night; I so love to snuggle into the soft embrace of my duvet.

Oh my don’t get me started on the beauty of water droplets on tree leaves forming a gay rioting of colours. Not to leave out the beauty of wet flowers.

And surely it means it’s mango season…… Yeah you got it; am a lil crazy about them.

But maybe am also just a lil crazy!

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