Mirthless Beauties

Have you ever noticed the hidden beauty in graveyards?

The ways the most beautiful flowers grow unhindered.

The fluttering of colourful butterflies and chirping of pretty birds.

The beautiful sound of peaceful silence.

Some gravestones new and sparkling, others old and covered in pretty moss.

Taking a walk through you notice the names and dates.

Can’t help but imagine what their lives were and how twould have been!

Some so young, some old.

Some remembered, some forgotten.

Take a walk and I tell you your mind will be refreshed.

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Writer’s identity.

You know you a writer when you talk to yourself constantly maybe just to hear your voice or to ask expert advice from yourself .

You voice out what you typing in a chat.

You suddenly smile or laugh when you imagine a scenario.

Your few friends think of You as that weird psycho crazy person but You don’t mind.

You have conversations in your head and sometimes can’t diferentiate reality from imagination.

You find the need to confirm an event really did happen from someone else to be sure you didn’t imagine it.

You sometimes live in your own world and don’t know the world around You is falling into pieces or celebrating some new shinding!

You have multiple personalities show up in the way you behave coz you sometimes take on the role of your character.

You really dunno the real you, the difference between you and your characters. Now that’s some deep identity crisis.

Yup that’s when you sure you a bad add writer.

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Ruined kingdoms !

I gave you my heart but you took my soul.

Cold at a touch but warm as a devil that’s what you are.

You got me in chains for your love.

Tried to break out but only got broken in.

Now see what you made me do.

Drawing swords and painting with blood.

Only you could have turned the dove into the scavenger.

The crown was set upon the villian and now the Queen has the throne covered in spikes.

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We need to talk!

We really need to talk

Why would you wanna prove to the world there something between us?

There is nothing between us.

Even if the baby is yours, you will never win back my love.

No need to try to draw close, you will never get my love.

Twisted to know my love for you then was blinded.

Was the one who mended you when your heart was broken.

Took me so much to get you fixed.

Got you off your knees and unto your feet.

Was scared to leave you alone so you don’t fall back.

Said I will catch you if you fall , yeah I was the one who put you up there.

Only for you to take advantage of me; thinking you could live without me.

You don’t have to say what you did, it’s written all over.

So tell me how does it feel to get what you think you wanted?

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Am just too young to bare this hurt

Who do you think you are?

Playing me for a fool

Should have known you didn’t care

Took me whole and tore me into pieces

Gave you my heart but you returned ashes

Said you won’t leave me

Only thing is you threw me to the wolves

Was a fool to think you cared

Gave you me, gave you my possessions

You took it all and tore my faith in me

And now you gone

Leaving me to burn

Was it my fault?

Did I have to love you?

Should never have trusted you

Call me crazy I still love you

Damn how do I fix it?

Yeah I have questions haunting me

My only question is WHY?

NB: motivated by Camila Cabilo’s I have questions.

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She’s back!


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Have been stabbed. My heartless iced heart gorged out forcefully. Brought up short by words from a dear friend almost turned stranger. His words that pierced me were;

All I see is Asabe’s kitchen and Asbaywrites, the cryptic and cynical works but where is the Khadyjat Princess we used to know? Is she gone for ever? There should be a balance between work, ambitions and the social.

Little did he know his words weighed heavy on my mind. Who have I become? The person I dreamed of? Probably but, where are those who made me discover me? Who showed memy strength and weakness? Long pushed aside.

All born of self protection and losing sight of the right priorities. So I wanna say am sorry.

Sorry for letting go of friends and damning society. Sorry for not checking up on the progress you have made. Sorry for not being there to celebrate your achievements. Sorry for not being therewhen you were broken. Sorry for not being there when you grieved.

Sorry for not being me.

Not just saying sorry but saying it’s good to be back.

Dedicated to you. You know yourself. #winks. Thanks for pulling me out of the vortex.

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Yo Girl, wise up!

Girl you say you want closure so you can move on after the end of your relationship? So you go to his place. Let me tell you what you end up with. You end up in more emotional entanglement or you just went to see if he still gat a hold over you or you over him. That closure thing is pure bullshit…. Cappushhh. Its just like you telling me that after you graduate from the university you gat to go back for closure so you can move on? Relationship over is relationship done… Girl wise up!
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